Tarot for Kahlo

My little girl has gone all Kahlo-crazy since seeing her (skeleton version) in Coco ~ or “Poco Loco” as she calls the film. Gorgeous by the way, if you haven’t watched it yet 🥰

So I got Maya some Frida planters, since she loves plants right now, and she is so proud of them! I guess there’s worse rollmodels she could look up to…

Maya wanted to know a bit more about who Frida Kahlo was so we did a little Reading about her as well:

5 of Cups ~ Ace of Wands ~ Queen of Wands ~ Ace of Coins:

Frida did not have an easy life, and she could have given up after contracting polio as a child and having an accident in her late teens that caused her excruciating pain, but she was not one to sit and mope!

She was an inspired woman with a passion for painting and she let her creativity flow freely. Tapping in to her pain, she explored her life experiences in her art, showing the world who she was.

She became an iconic figure, not submitting herself to anyone else’s ideas about beauty and decorum – she walked her own path and in doing so she became one of the most recognisable and inspirational artists of the 20th century.

Deck used: The Tailored Tarot ~ available here: https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/tarotmum13tarotandthings

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