The Lucid Tarot Keywords and Phrases

Although traditional RWS meanings apply to the cards in this deck, I have compiled a basic list of possible interpretations to help you on your way and explain some of my choices.

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0. The Fool: Dare to Bare! Not just your body, but your soul! Remove all those layers that are not the real you ~ Show the world your true self and be unapoligetically YOU, because you ARE ENOUGH – Take a chance, release inhibitions, have an adventure, everything will turn out just the way it’s supposed to be. Leap of Faith. Trust. Innocence. Good Fortune. Landing on your feet. Beginnings. Potential. Free Spirit.

Reversed: Not taking a chance. Being either overly cautious or too reckless. Not having a Safety Net. Manic Behaviour. Body Shaming.

1.The Magician: This Magician has all the elements at their disposal (the aces representing the 4 elements) and knows how to use them to create their own reality, changing things on a molecular level and even changing their own DNA to become who (s)he chooses to be – You have the power to manifest what you desire. You are a creator. Master of your own Destiny. Unlimited Potential. Skill. Aspiration. Charisma. Concentration. Craft. Rhetoric.

Reversed: Slight of Hand. Misdirection. Manipulation. Deception. Abuse of Power. Unused power & skills. Not realising your potential.

2. The High Priestess: The High Priestess guards the gateway to your higher consciousness, hidden behind a blue watery veil – she holds a pommegranate as a symbol of a fruitful mind and the abundance you can create in your life once you understand and accept your own divine power. Her trusted owl symbolises wisdom and carries her scrolls with sacred knowledge. Trust your Intuition, open your mind and take a peek behind the Veil. Keeper of Occult Knowledge. Keeper of (Akashic) Records. Seer. Witch. Spirit Guide. Psychic Powers. Hidden things. Awareness and Spiritual Development. Awakening. 3rd eye activation.

Reversed: Closed Minded. Hidden Agenda. Secrets & Lies. Not listening to your Intuition.

3. The Empress: The Woman here is not just sitting IN a field under an apple tree with a waterfall behind her back, she IS the field and all that surrounds her! She can see the whole of Earth, showing her ability to see the bigger picture, see how everything is connected, be aware of the collective soul of all living beings. She is so connected with everything that she is pregnant with possibilities. The daisies growing around her are considered sacred to the Goddess Freya, they can also symbolise new beginnings. The 12 stars above show her influence over and connectedness with the planets and all star signs – The Goddess personified. Grounded, Strong & In touch with the power of the Universe. The Divine Feminine. Mother. Creatrix. Nurturer. Fertility. Abundance. Emancipation. Feminism. Empowerment. Ecology.

Reversed: Out of touch with Nature and Self. Not nurturing your gifts. Creative block. Infertility. Submission. No self-worth. Disconnected.

4. The Emperor: This powerful, surefooted, majestic ram is a Leader for sure! Father of his flock. Authority Figure. Providor. Steadfast. Confident. Stubborn. Will demand obedience but protects his flock and makes decisions for the Greater Good. He will lead them safely through this bleak and barren terrain. Makes the rules/law. Order. Structure. Persistence. Opposed to Fanaticism. Masculine Energy. The Horned God.

Reversed: Arrogant. Rigid. Inflexible. Prescriptive. Overpowering. Controlling. Dominating.

5. The Hierophant: My Hierophant is not a traditional Pope, but a Teacher. Wise Man/Woman. Elder. Keeps Traditions alive and passes on the wisdom of the Ancestors. Shows you where you fit in the bigger picture. Makes you aware of your Cultural History. Morality. Education. Spiritual Freedom. Personal Beliefs. Respect for other cultures and beliefs. Peace. Knowledge and understanding. Zen.

Reversed: Organised Religion. Dogma. Indoctrination. Cult. Religious Fanaticism. Ignorance.

6. The Lovers: Two hands forming one heart inside a protective bubble ~ Passion. Love. Sexuality. Sensuality. Desire. Harmony. Mutual Attraction. Feeling Blessed to be together. Wrapped up in each other, living in a bubble together. Lifting each other up. Choosing each other. Soul Mates. Self Love. Harmony. Choice.

Reversed: Imbalance. Power Struggle. Unrequited Love. Hard choices. Putting yourself first. End of a relationship. The bubble bursts. Choosing Self over relationship.

7. The Chariot: Two fierce and powerful horses straining to go the opposite way. Staying on track. Overcoming obstacles. Control. Focus. Being pulled in 2 directions. Strategy. Dealing with opposing Forces and Duality. Speed and Drive. Discipline. Travel. Action. Guidance. Victory. Succes. Hero.

Reversed: Lack of Direction. Feeling lost. No drive. Out of Control. Ruthless.

8. Strength: Are the mice strong because they conquer their fears and brave the company of the cat? Or is it the cat who is strong enough to control her impulses..?

Gentle control without force. Persuasion. Compassion. Quiet Determination. Self Belief. Stamina. Emancipation.

Reversed: Coersion. Dependency. Insecurity. Harassement. Self Doubt. Imposter Syndrome. Anger Management.

9. The Hermit: A cosy room, comfy seat, good lighting for reading by, stack of books and a warm drink at the ready. Me-time! Self Care. Mindfulness. Being in the moment. Stress Relief (stroking your pet definitely helps!). Getting away from the crowd. Self Development & Spiritual Growth. Insight and Reflection. Inner Guidance. Introspection. Meditation. Contemplation. Taking Stock. Enlightenment. Turning within. Temporary Solitude. Alone, not lonely. Taking a break from Social Media or self-regulating the time you spend online.

Reversed: Loneliness. Fear of being Alone. Isolation. Avoidance. No Insight. Not taking time for yourself. Spending too much time on Social Media.

10. The Wheel (of Fortune): The Wheel of the Year is ever turning and the Seasons are unstoppable ~ A time for everything, and everything in it’s time. A time to reap, a time to sow. What goes up must come down. Odds are on your side. Changing Circumstances. Cycles. Seasonal choices. Chance. Karma. Destiny. Fate. The Unknown. Turning point.

Reversed: Resisting Change. Fear of Change. Trying to force Change. Bad Luck. Breaking out of a downward spiral. Taking control of your own Destiny.

11. Justice: Yin-Yang ~ There is Light and Shadow in each of us, do not be so quick to judge what you perceive to be a fault in someone else! Ethical Thinking. Fairness. Integrity. Impartiality. Consequences. Reason. Objectivity. The Law. Karmic Balance. Do the right thing. Taking Responsibility. Examine your motives. Be Humane in your thinking!

Reversed: Being Unfair or Dishonest. Subjectivity. Egocentric Behaviour. Getting away with something. Not paying your dues. No accountability. Harsh Punishment. Jumping to conclusions.

12. The Hanged Man: This card reminds me of Odin, having already sacrificed an eye to get his ravens Huginn & Muninn, choosing to hang himself upside-down from the World Tree for 9 days to procure the wisdom of the Runes for his people… Here Odin is represented by one of his precious ravens.

Patience & Sacrifice. Making a Conscious Effort. Empathy. Waiting. Letting go. Feeling Vulnarable. The position you are in may be uncomfortable, but it provides you with a different point of view. Think outside the box!

Reversed: Feeling Indecisive. Unwilling to make a sacrifice. Stalling. Being stuck in your ways. Not being open-minded. Your world turning upside down.

13. Death: Memento Mori ~ Remember you are Mortal, your time here is limited so live every day to the fullest! Remember your Loved Ones who passed on. The Sugar Skull is here to remind you to Honor your Ancestors (as in the Mexican tradition of The Day of The Dead, where it is believed nobody is really gone until they are no longer remembered by the Living).

Loss and Change are part of Life. The end of a cycle may be painful, but it might make room for something new and beautiful. Note the caterpillar, chrysalis & butterfly : “What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly” ~ Lao Tse.

Transformation. Rebirth. Release. Grief. The end of a cycle. Permanent, Dramatic Chance. The Unknown.

Reversed: Not processing grief. Denial. Regret. No zest for Life. Not evolving. Survival. Fear of Death. Near Death experience. Forgetting about those who passed on.

14. Temperance: Add some water to your wine. Water down extremes. Moderation. Mediation. Balance. Equilibrium. Compassion. Consultation. Collaboration. Mutual understanding. Give and take. Compromise. Finding the Middle Ground. Mixture. Food Choices. Hydration.

Reversed: Arguments. Unbalanced. Extremes. Excessivenes. Austerity. Eating disorder. Midlife crisis.

15. The Devil: This card reminds me of Nick Cave’s song “Red Right Hand” (a phrase out of Milton’s “Paradise Lost” of course!).

All that glitters is not gold! A golden cage is still a cage. Temptation. Over-Indulgence. Addiction. Bondage. Unhealthy Life-Choices and/or Relationships. Legally Binding Aggreements. Co-dependency. Oppression. Ignorance. Inner Demons. Shadow Self. The most important thing to remember here is that we have FREE WILL, you can choose to throw off those chains and that cage is just an illusion!

Reversed: Pleasure. Empowerment. Erotic enjoyment. Giving up limiting beliefs. Detachment. Soul-searching. Honesty. Breaking Free. Conquering your Demons. Accepting your Shadow Self. Exerting Free Will.

16. The Tower: A large wave is about to tear down your carefully built sand castle. Have you built your life on unsteady foundations? Having your whole existence shaken up may be scary, but you have the tools to rebuild it (bucket & spade) – next time, choose a safer place! I chose a sandcastle for my Tower because often the foundations for our beliefsystem have been built in childhood – to a child, it can be devastating to see the results of their hard work obliterated when the sea comes crashing in – but, like a child, we are resilient and have the potential to grow, learn, adapt and thrive! Tearing down old structures to make way for new. Revelations. Epifany. Purge. Catastrophy. Chaos. Downfall. Destruction. Despair. Crisis. Violence. Trauma. Suicide.

Reversed: Averting disaster. Refusing to give up what no longer serves you. Servitude. Opportunity. Seeing through false illusions. Welcoming big changes. Coming out of your Ivory Tower. Breaking down walls. Breaking down defense mechanisms.

17. The Star: A lithe fay-like figure dances lightly over the water’s surface, pouring love and hope in to the pool, a 4 leaved clover rising in to the air to symbolise luck and good fortune – the ibis flying above, seemingly able to touch the star with it’s long graceful beak, represents wisdom, potential and the ability to work magic. Serendipity. Wishing. Hope. Renewal. Silver lining. Faith. Serenity. Inspiration. Synchronisity. Positive thinking. Shine. Healing energy. Emotional release. Becoming a Star. Fame and Fortune.

Reversed: No faith. Doubt. Hopelessnes. Losing your sparkle. Falling from grace.

18. The Moon: The crab coming out of the waters of your subconscious represents you rising to a higher consciousness, if you can get past your Wolf Wild side and your Dog Domesticated side that is!! You need restraint as well as free thinking to find your true power.

Hidden depths. Higher Consciousness. Mystery. Creativity. Magic. Imagination. Dreams. Prophecy. Female Energy. Menstrual cycle. Puberty. Menopause. Gravitational pull. Evolution. Lunar Energy. Lunar Cycle.

Reversed: Secrets. Drama. Not being in touch with your Femininity. No balance between your wild side (wolf) and tamed side (dog). Letting conditioning and traditional beliefs get in the way of evolving Spiritually. Repressed emotions. Fear. Dark magic. Insomnia. Fear of the dark. Self-fullfilling prophecy.

19. The Sun: A white horse grazes under a warm, smiling sun, mirrored by a large sunflower, symbolising accomplishment and growth. No child of Life sits on this horse (as in the traditional RWS card), instead, this horse is patiently waiting for YOU to climb on! The red banner representing the Life Blood is laying in the grass, all you have to do is pick it up!

Choose Life! Happiness. Vitality. Warmth. Birth. Marriage. Positivity. Idylic settings. The sky is the limit. Unconditional love. A sunny holiday.

Reversed: Blinded by the light. Flying too close to the sun. Getting burned. Feeling down. Pessimism. Not appreciating Life. Feeling like the sun might not rise tomorrow.

20. Judgement: Time to take a look in the mirror! Before you judge anyone else, take a look at yourself. You can make a change right here, right now. Are you actions for The Greater Good? What legacy will you leave for the children of the world? Are you making the world a better place for them? (Politics, Recycling, Climate Change, Sustainable Resources,…).

Don’t judge, lest you be judged yourself. Be held accountable. Reflection. Retribution. Forgiveness. Reconciliation. Restoration. Salvation. Time will Heal old wounds.

Reversed: Being judgemental. Wanting revenge. Holding a grudge. Committing sins against another. No self-knowledge and awareness. Not working to make the world a better place. Inner-critic.

21. The World: You hold the World in the palm of your hand. This affords you power as well as responsibility! The Power of the Universe works for you. Completion of a Cycle. Fullfilment. Accomplishment. Integration. Wholeness. The Anima Mundi. Tapping in to The Universal Consciousness. Taking a Holistic view. Travel. Good outcomes.

Reversed: Delays. Segregation. Not embracing the whole. Not going where you want to be. Unfinished business. Not quite there yet. Need to get out of your comfort zone.




Ace of Cups: Spring. Overflowing cup. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Emotions. New beginnings. Sympathy. Intuition. New love. Self-love. Pure emotions. Gratitude. going with the flow.

Reversed: Being too full of yourself or what you are hanging on to from the past to let love in. No self-love. Repressed emotions. Not in touch with your emotions/intuition.

Ace of Wands: Summer. This card is all about Creation (note the hand in the upper right corner, reminiscent of The Creation of Man). Time to act. Creativity. Inspiration. Energy. Enthusiasm. Adventure. Potential. Self-determination. Sexual spark. You are on Fire! This is the time to act, all the energy is working in your favour.

Reversed: uninspired. Creative block. No spark. No motivation.

Ace of Swords: Winter. The Sword in the Stone is yours! You can be your own King Arthur! Just make sure you wield the sword carefully, in the wrong hands it could cut to the bone and do serious damage.

Potential for good. Clarity of thought. New way of thinking. Seeing the Truth. Cutting trough the BS. Break-through. Logic. Insight. Rethoric. Righteousness. Original Thought.

Reversed: Clouded judgement. Sword of Damocles. Not cutting to the heart of the matter. Revenge. Potential for evil. Being insensitive and hurting people with sharply spoken words.

Ace of Coins: Autumn. Financial opportunity. Achievement. New career. Happy Home Life. Manifestation. Abundance. Wealth. Good Luck. Count your Blessings. New goals. Practical Solutions. Harvest. an auspicious time to start a new venture.

Reversed: Lost opportunity. Break in your career. Not being practical. Dipping in to your savings. Not appreciating all you have. Not using your resources wisely.

THE 2’s

2 of Cups: Two steaming heart-shaped cups and biscuits await to be shared, their warmth and nourishment good for the soul. Partnership. Love. Warmth. Respect. Connection. Union. Mutual attraction. TLC. Loyalty. Keeping a promise.

Reversed: Break-up. Disrespect. Not connecting. Drifting apart. Bad first impression.

2 of Wands: A man watches the rising light at the horizon expectantly, waiting for his ship to come in. His ideas planted firmly in the sand – Planting the seeds for future succes. Vision. Discovery. Invention. Expectation. Making a Change. Start of a new venture. Planning.

Reversed: No planning. Second-guessing yourself. Holding back. Fear of starting something new.

2 of Swords: Should you go with your head or follow your heart? You already know the answer deep inside…

Indecision. Confusion. Dilemma. Hesitation. Weighing-up options. Maintaining the Status Quo. Procrastination. Find your center.

Reversed: Complete Avoidance. Writers-block. Stalemate. Caught between a rock and a hard place. Neither option appears to have a positive outcome. Not having all the information needed to decide, or Information Overload.

2 of Coins: It can be hard to stay balanced on the tight-rope of Life, but you are doing it! Work/life balance. Adaptation. Flexibility. State of flux. Prioritising. Time management. juggling responsibilities.

Reversed: Being stretched thin. Over-committed. Disorganised. Overworked. Unflexible. Not getting your priorities straight. Having either no time, or no money. Something has got to give.

THE 3’s

3 of Cups: Celebration. Friendship. Community. Fun. Letting your hair down. Women getting together and raising each other up. Raising a glass to your friend’s success without jealousy. Threesome. Polyamorie.

Reversed: 3 is a crowd. Third person in the relationship. Cheating. Not fitting in. Feeling excluded. Women tearing other women down. Envy and jealousy.

3 of Wands: Your ship is coming in now! All the planning and preparation from the 2 of Wands is paying off. See how the man is now dressed more opulently, the sun has risen above the Horizon, he is obviously in an exotic location, his wands have multiplied and are green & fertile! Preparation. Expansion. Long term goals. Development. Enterprise. Foresight. Expanding horizons. Looking beyond. Finding like-minded people. Seeing how far you have come.

Reversed: Obstacles. No long term plan. Not being prepared. Losing momentum. No oversight. Not seeing how much you have accomplished already.

3 of Swords: A bleeding heart, pierced by swords – but remember: even broken things can be beautiful, don’t let the scar-tissue harden your heart. You are hurting now and your pain is valid, but this too shall pass… Heartache. Hurt. Betrayal. Tragedy. Heartbreaking choice. Grief. Self-harm. Negative inner-voice. Heart-surgery. Other medical heart issues.

Reversed: Getting over it. Healing the heart. Self-love. Release. You may still bear the scars, but your heart has survived! “There is a crack in Everything, that is how the Light gets in” ~ Leonard Cohen.

3 of Coins: Bees are a perfect symbol of teamwork, working together for a common goal rather than for their own gain, they achieve beautiful things, making their environment bloom and grow in the process. Synergy. Teamwork. Collaboration. Implementing lessons. Listening to experienced workers. You can achieve more together.

Reversed: Working alone. Not taking advice. Team issues. Not singing from the same hymn-sheet. Better to keep this to yourself for now. No hive-mentality.

THE 4’s

4 of Cups: A listless figure sits slumped on the floor, ignoring the cup being offered to them by an unseen friend (a person, fate, life, the universe,…). Boredom. Feeling dissatisfied. Refusal. Ignoring. Not content with your lot. No motivation. Withdrawal. Apathy. Depression.

Reversed: Restraint. Saying “no”. Not accepting charity. Not accepting drinks from strangers.

4 of Wands: A soft Summer night, toasting marshmallows round the campfire with friends… aah! Everything is good, there’s a sense of Community. Finding your Tribe. Stability. Strong Foundations. Results showing. Cause for Celebration. Home Improvements or Dreams of a A new Home being realised. Maybe a Marriage or a baby on the way?

Reversed: Communication breakdown. Lack of Harmony. Unstable homelife. Unsettled.

4 of Swords: A small fawn rests in the welcome shade of a tree. Rest and recuperation. Time out. Pauze. Recharging batteries. Silence before the storm. Rest up and then Once more in to the fray! Ongoing battle with chronic fatigue or illness. Recovering from surgery. Take some time out in nature and do some serious grounding if you can!

Reversed: Exhaustion. Stagnation. Not recovering. Giving up the fight. Malingering. Hypochondria. Munchausen Syndrome.

4 of Coins: Saving your money is good, just make sure you know how much money is enough, and don’t deny yourself ALL of life’s little luxuries… sometimes it is good for the soul to treat yourself!

What are you holding on to too tightly? It may be time to let go…

Saving for a rainy day. Conserving. Security. Self-preservation. Carefully choosing what to spend on. Keeping the books balanced. A good investment. Not being wasteful. Recycling.

Reversed: Over-spending. Greed. Materialism. Bad investments. Recklessness. Stagnation. Hoarding. Refusing financial help. Not getting a bank-loan.

THE 5’s

5 of Cups: Crying over spilled milk. Even though the woman here is upset over the mess her life is in, should she look up she would see not all is lost and there is plenty of good left! The cat for one is quite happy with the spillage… might even have had a hand (or paw) in it? Cry a little if you have to, but then get up off the floor, clean up and move on!

Dissappointment. Regret. Loss. Sadness. Not appreciating what you have. Resignation.

Reversed: Realising what you have left. Counting your blessings. Moving on. Not making a mountain out of a mole-hill.

5 of Wands: Confrontation. Competition. Ambition. Struggle. Strife. Tension. Conflict. Pointless Arguments. Showing off. Posturing. Nobody is winning. Miscommunication. Crossed wires.

Reversed: Avoiding conflicts. Agree to disagree. Walk away. Set the record straight.

5 of Swords: The man at the gravesite is showing off his medals proudly, but were they worth the loss of a friend? The cost of being a Hero.

Winning, but at a cost… Sometimes winning is not worth it, the pain and grief you cause others will leave a bitter taste. Can you really be happy with your success knowing how much it hurt someone else?

Not behaving with integrity. Unethical behaviour. Entitlement. Being Jealous of other people’s success.

Reversed: Reconciliation. Admitting defeat. Bowing out gracefully. Not pushing the issue. Negotiations. Cease fire. Raising a white flag.

5 of Coins: Is this desparate man really excluded from the Community behind the warm glow of the window? Or has he just not tried to find the door to get in? Hardship. Loss. Illness. Bad luck. Hard times. Destitution. Being excluded. Being on the outside, looking in. Disadvantage. Discrimination. Want/Need. Spiritual Poverty.

Reversed: Recovering from financial strain. Bouncing back. Finding Spiritual solace. Inclusion. Coming in from the cold.

THE 6’s

6 of Cups: Memories of warm, carefree, colourful summers… Nostalgia. Sharing. Gifts. Kindness. Childhood. Appreciation. Memories. Innocence. Forgive and forget. Inner Child.

Reversed: Living in the past. No playfulness. Indifference. Selfishness.

6 of Wands: You are being welcomed in to the city in Triumph, crowned with laurels. Recognition. Pride. Accomplishments acknowledged. Reward. Being welcomed with open arms. Being celebrated.

Reversed: Egotism. Fall from grace. Not being welcome. Not receiving the recognition you deserve.

6 of Swords: A mother figure prepares her child to go on a journey. A boat waits to take them away. But are the swords in the boat there for protection and to cut a clear path? or are they taking some of their troubles with them on their journey? Receiving help to leave an undesirable situation. Releasing baggage. Coming up for air. Rite of passage. Transition.

Reversed: Not accepting help. Unfinished business. Not escaping. Clinging to what is not good for you. Going down with the ship.

6 of Coins: A young woman is sharing her wealth with someone in need. She promises to help those who can not stand up for themselves just now (the dog will get his share too!).  Charity. Giving and receiving. Assistance. Sharing. Generosity. Being in a position to help. Accepting help. Needing help. Getting financial help.

Reversed: Unpaid debts. Not repaying kindness. Selfishness. Refusing help.

THE 7’s

7 of Cups: A variety of beverages in different vessels await your choice. You can not have them all, a choice has to be made! Too many choices! And not all of them are good… Choose wisely!

Illusion. Options. Difficult choices. Fantasy vs. Reality. Wishful thinking.

Reversed: Having no choice. Choosing badly. Making rash decisions. Not thinking things through. Overwhelming choice. Uninformed choice. Adultery.

7 of Wands: Who said: “To burn The Witch is to admit Magic exists” ?… You may come under attack for your beliefs or your choices, but that does not mean you are wrong! On the contrary: people may feel threatened by your Truth, Power, and strong Beliefs. Standing your ground. Defending your beliefs. Speaking your truth. Bravery. Principles.

Reversed: Giving up. Backing down. Not standing by your beliefs. Jumping the gun. Being overly defensive. Overreacting. Paranoïa.

7 of Swords: A thieves’ mask over a sword collection stolen right out of your home ~ Stealth. Trickery. Cheating. Stealing. Plagiarism. Getting away with something. Turning a situation to your advantage. Reclaiming what’s yours.

Reversed: Letting others take credit for your ideas. Feeling like you did not earn the praise and credit you are getting. Imposter Syndrome.

7 of Coins: A man waits patiently next to a well-tended bush bearing the fruits of his labours. Tools lay idly at his feet – You can’t rush things, all you can do right now is wait for the results. Tending crops. Investment. Review and evaluation. Sustainability. Environmentally sound. Rewarding.

Reversed: No long-term vision. Not sustainable. Bad for the environment. Limited success. No rewards. Impatience. Trying to force things.

THE 8’s:

8 of Cups : A lone figure is hitchiking, leaving a slightly crooked stack of cups behind. She had a lot, but something is missing and she needs to go in search of that which will make her complete. Her back is turned towards us, so we can’t see her expression to tell if she is crying or smiling, scared or excited…

Moving on. Searching for what is missing in your life. Leaving the past behind you. New horizons. Bitter-sweet goodbye.

Reversed: Running away. Not dealing with things. Abandonment. Regret. Escapism. Trying again. Not making a clean break.

8 of Wands : 8 witches’ wands are flying through the sky, magic sparking at their tips, the air is full of expectation as the sun starts to rise, it’s light pushing away the dark skies above and causing them to turn vivid shades of pink and purple – who knows how far they will take you and where they will land?! Movement. Swiftness. Progress. News. Message. Determination. Visitors. A helpful push in the right direction.

Reversed: No news. Frustration. Left hanging. Expected mail/text/email/phonecall does not arrive or is delayed. Things not going your way. Someone is trying to stop your progress.

8 of Swords : Hearing the clanging together of swords and the scrape of metal on metal, the figure in this card hides behind her blindfold, scared to see the Truth. Should she take it off she would see the formation of swords poses no threat to her – Feeling stuck. Confusion. Repression. Dismorphia. Not seeing your options. Self-imposed restriction. Victim-mentality. Inner-critic.

Reversed: Crossing boundaries. New perspective. Taking off your blindfold. Freeing yourself from self-limiting beliefs. Having your boundaries infringed upon.

8 of Coins : Patience and practice is what is needed to learn how to use your tools well and produce consistent results – Honing your skills. Apprentice. Practice. Improvement. Repetition. Development. Applying yourself.

Reversed: Bored. Unaccomplished. Not skillful. Inconsistent. Lack of input and practice. Lazy. Not appreciating the tools you were given. Not learning.

THE 9’s:

9 of Cups : How many cups does one man need? He seems pretty pleased with his collection though… Physical satisfaction. Contentment. External happiness. Having more than enough. Gratitude.

Reversed: Smugness. Boasting. Not feeling satisfied. Being greedy. Materialism. Indulgence. Being spoiled. Ignoring trouble.

9 of Wands : A determined man stands ready to defend his fence (boundaries) with a large bat (strong conviction) – Self-preservation. Defense. Protection. Barriers. Safe-guarding. Self-respect. Resilience. Test of Faith.

Reversed: Attack. Offensive. Breaking down barriers. Not protecting yourself. Being vulnarable. Hesitation. Paranoia.

9 of Swords : Someone has been tossing and turning in this messy bed! Creeping bedbugs, menacing knives hanging over your head and ominous cracks in the ceiling do not make for a comfortable night’s sleep! Not even when they are figments of your imagination… – Things that go bump in the night. Nightmares. Fear. Anxiety. Distress. Depression. Insomnia. Premonitions. Bad omens. Phobias. Suicidal thoughts.

Reversed: Releasing worry. Tackling phobias. Getting psychological help. Finding healthier bedtime routines. Lucid dreaming.

9 of Coins : A perfect beach, a hammock in the shade of a palm tree, an exotic drink close at hand and enough money to enjoy your vacation without worrying – your own little slice of paradise! Reaping rewards. Being self-sufficient. Relaxation. Independence. Retirement. Enjoying the fruits of your labour. Well deserved break.

Reversed: Work-obsessed. Not able to relax. Not happy with what you have. Dependent on others. No reliable income. Living above your means. Hustling. Jobs-worth.

THE 10’s:

10 of Cups : Cute little vintage cups stacked next to a well-filled picknick basket – and plenty to go around for everyone! Nobody is being left out in this family! You have found your Tribe – Alignment. Strong connections. Loving home. Internal happiness. Bliss. Being accepted and loved for who you are.

Reversed: Unhappy family. Relationship problems. Feeling disconnected.

10 of Wands : Carrying a heavy load up a steep path, this figure is breaking his back. But are all those sticks necessary? Are they even his to carry? Or could he lay some of them down? Does he even need to be on this road? – Burden. Responsibility. Last big effort. Shouldering other people’s problems. Stress. Back problems.

Reversed: Avoiding responsibility. Shirking your duty. Taking on too much. Laying down your burden.

10 of Swords : Wounded and bleeding, this figure traverses a cold and hostile landscape. But he is leaving his troubles behind him with each tentative step, no matter how painful – he is not defeated yet! Being stabbed in the back. Betrayal. Crisis. Painful endings. Hitting rock bottom. Death. Accupuncture. Complicated surgery.

Reversed: Liberation. Release from a cycle. Survivor. Recovery. Resisting the inevitable end of a situation.

10 of Coins : A cat and a dog wait patiently by a cosy fireplace for their owner to take their rightful place in the rocking chair, stacks of coins adorn the mantle piece – Comfortable life. Solid foundation. Inheritance. Contribution. Extended family. Wealth. Retirement. Legacy.

Reversed: Discomfort. No strong family ties. Being disinherited. Not making a contribution. The dark side of success.


The Pages:

Page of Cups : I chose the familiar image of the fish & cup for this card, the goldfish I feel portrays innocence, good fortune, good news and a happy-go-lucky lifestyle. Message. Love letter. Secret admirer. Imagination. Empathy. Sensitivity. Surprise. Affectionate. Possibilities. Admirer.

Reversed: Emotionally immature. No follow-through. Daydreamer. Not realistic. Deceptive.

Page of Wands : The salamander is the traditional companion for the Wand Courts, but I decided to let him shine here on his own. This Page is finding his path in life. Announcement. Invitation. Enthusiastic. Risk-taking. Discovery. Exploring.

Reversed: Burn-out. Loss of Confidence. Pessimism. Feeling excluded.

Page of Swords : The winged shoes are reminiscent of Hermes, Messenger of the Gods, known to be a bit of a trickster and has an exagurated sense of self-importance. The birds flying above represent lofty ideas. This Page can make astute observations but can act rashly, immature and unpredictably as well. Investigation. Experimentation. Curious mind. Thirst for knowledge.

Reversed: Impulsive. Hasty. No follow-through. All talk but no action.

Page of Coins : The Squirrel may be small, but he is fast, likeable, and a real acrobat! He lives in tune with the cycle of Nature. Knows there is a time for work, a tome for play and a time to rest. Skill-development. Career-choice. Opportunity. Study.

Reversed: Learning from failure. Having to be patient. Best laid plans going awry. Not getting the expected results.

The Knights:

Knight of Cups : The Unicorn is surely one of the most Romantic images to be found and inspires dreams and imagination. I chose the Unicorn because he is illusive and rare, just like the True Love, Truth and Pure Feeling this Knight is questing for. Romance. Charm. Sweeps you off your feet. Idealism. Lover.

Reversed: Serial seducer. One Night Stand. Incencere. Jealousy. Moodswings.

Knight of Wands : a handsome, enigmatic and attractive stallion, ready to carry you off on your travels! Spontaneous. Exciting. Adventureous. Lust. Passion.

Reversed: Lewd behaviour. Impulsiveness. Frustration.

Knight of Swords : A fast, sleek, handsome but temperamental steed – the butterfly shows lofty, insightful ideas. Taking swift action. Fast, clever thinking. Intelligence. Good at debates. Strong opinions. Ambitious.

Reversed:. Hot-headed. Un-focused. Argumentative. Uncompromising. Narcissistic tendencies. Stalker.

Knight of Coins : A large, strong working horse accompanied by a busy beaver – Hard working. Steady. Dependable. Productivity. Disciplined. Realistic. Cautious. Grounded. Dedicated.

Reversed: Perfectionist. Workaholic. Lazy. Pessimistic. Stubborn. Boring.

The Queens:

Queen of Cups : The Mermaid is completely in her element in the watery realm of emotions, offering pearls of wisdom – Emotional maturity. Insight. Intuitive. Empath. Comfort. Loving motherfigure. Wife. Safe haven. Compassion.

Reversed: Emotional manipulation. Selfish. Over-emotional. Co-dependent.

Queen of Wands : This Queen is usually accompanied by a black cat, showing her attraction to the Spiritual World and her Occult Powers. Here she herself has been transformed in to a gorgeous, sleek black jaguar, not to be underestimated! Creative parenting. Attractive. Optimistic. Influencial. Sociable. Confident. Vibrant. Creative.

Reversed: Pushy. Haughty. Vain. Over-confident. Demanding.

Queen of Swords : The Falcon perfectly represents the skillful Queen of Swords – Higly skilled. Sharp Mind. Cunning. Fair. Calculating. Thinking things through. Strong-minded. Self-assured. Protective mother.

Reversed: Sharp tongue. Gossip. Tactless. Meddling. Full of herself. Bitchy. Helicopter-Parenting. Munchausen by Proxy.

Queen of Coins : The sweet doe represents the kind and nurturing mother that is the Queen of Coins – Confidante. Warmth and comfort. Economic insight. Practical. Good housekeeping skills. Kitchen/Garden Witch.

Reversed: Career-driven. Seeking fame and fortune. Gold-digger. Overly thrifty. Overspending. Compulsive shopper. Shoplifting. Absent parent. Over-involved parent.

The Kings:

King of Cups : I chose the enigmatic, mysterious Hippocampus as my King of Cups to stay in the watery realm of emotions. These mythical creatures were said to be Posseidon’s Horses, trust-worthy and loyal to their master. Posseidon’s daughters, the Nereids, would be seen riding these water horses as well. The Hippocampus can also mean that part of the brain responsible for memories. Diplomat. Mentor. Guide. Role-model. Loving fatherfigure. Husband. Emotional stability. Opposed to fanaticism.

Reversed: Detached. Emotionally distant. Repressed. Rigid. Emotional blackmail.

King of Wands : The Lion is a strong, reliable leader to his pack. He inspires adoration, loyalty, admiration and imitation. People either want to be him, or be with him. Leadership. Innovation. Role-model. Mentor. Honorable.

Reversed: Bossy. Commandeering. Arrogant. Agressive. Setting the bar too high.

King of Swords : The Eagle is majestic and an impressive sight to behold, yet edgy and dangerous to it’s prey. Authorative. Regulator. Respected. Logical. Straightforward. Mental clarity.

Reversed: Abusive. Controlling behaviour. Unfair. Biased. Harsh. Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

King of Coins : This large buck will ensure the safety of his flock, his impressive antlers can be a status symbol but also a formidable weapon should his family be under threat. Provider. Family man. Financial security. Management.

Reversed: Status-obsessed. Keeping up with the Joneses. Bragging. Financially inept.


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