Today’s cards: Temperance & Mantra.

Temperance urges you to find the middle ground in your life, whether we are talking about feelings, thoughts, actions, lifestyle or food choices ~ When you are struggling with self-control and balance, repeating a mantra can help you find peace within yourself.

In Sanskrit, “Man” means Thoughts and “Tra” translates as Protection. A mantra is like a cross between a prayer and a powerful incantation, repeating it’s words can act as casting a Spell!

The Om Mani Padme Hum mantra depicted here is one of the most recited mantras in the world. Anyone who feels drawn to it can use this mantra, you do not have to be initiated by a master and it does not matter what your faith or culture is.

The full sentence translates as “I honor the pearl in the lotus”.

This mantra is used to dispell 5 traits that cause you suffering:

OM – dispells pride

MA – liberates you from jealousy

NI – releases you from desire

PAD – frees you from prejudice

ME – counters possessivenes

HUM – dissipates anger or hate

When you are free from the above, your mind, heart and soul will be calm and you will be able to clearly see the source of your troubles AND the solutions that will relieve you from them!

I have a necklace, with the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra embossed on it, that you can spin like a prayer wheel. Spinning the necklace has the same effect as reciting the mantra out loud.

Sending this prayer or incantation out in to the Universe is said to release bad Karma and attract good Karma ✨🙏🏼✨.



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