Earth Mother

I did a Reading for Mother Earth today, using a combination of Tarot, Oracle and Runes.

From the Everyday Witch Oracle I chose the “Connect to Gaia” card as a signifier. The card description begins with “The Earth is our Mother, and if we are not in tune with her, the rest of our lives will be out of balance too…”. This is so important to remember, we need to look after our Earth or we will have no place to grow roots.

The Lucid Tarot gave me the 4 of Cups, Judgement and The Wheel. We as a Human Race often turn away from the responsibility we have towards Earth as a whole. We feel insignificant, like we are just one small cogg and nothing we do can make a real difference – so we choose to close our eyes to the World’s plight. However, Judgement urges us to see things as they really are, to look in the mirror and make an honest assessment about what we see. The time to make a change is now! If each of us changes only one small thing, right now, the overal impact on our Earth’s health will be significant – The Wheel will be set in motion and these small changes will create a ripple effect that can turn the tide.

My Runes showed me Eihwaz, Berkana and Gebo, speaking of our Strength that can lead to New Beginnings and create Balance in turn.

What Change will YOU make? I will recycle even more vigorously, buy with less packaging, eat more local produce to reduce the carbon footprint, buy sustainable products and produce less waste overal. This is my pledge to Mother Earth ✨🙏🏼✨

#everydaywitchoracle #lucidtarot #runes #gaia #motherearth #ecology #balance

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  1. A lovely set up. You have reminded me that I have everything I need to make reusable wax wraps – I just need to make time to do it. Perhaps this is the hint to do it now. Thanks!

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