Mabon Check In

A quick Spread in preparation for Mabon, the second Harvest Festival of the year.

What have you been cultivating and how can you put it to use now? What do you need more of and where might you find it? What should you invest in now so you can harvest it when needed in the future?

HARVEST: Hermit ~ I have learned to be alone without being lonely ~ from the age of 15 to 42 I went from one relationship to the next, but over the last 3 years I have learned that I do not need to be with someone, I can just BE. I am enjoying getting to know who I am without being defined by a partner. I can use this lesson to make sure I never need to step in to an unhealthy relationship again just for fear of being alone.

FORAGE: Queen of Cups ~ I can look around me and see strong women everywhere ~ women who stand tall without losing their femininity; women who are soft and nurturing without being push-overs; women who speak out without shouting or are quiet but determined. I can learn from my sisters and be lifted by their generous spirit, so that I may lift others in turn.

GROW: Strength ~ I need to invest in building up my Strength. Physically I need to store up some reserves and find new ways of preserving and maintining energy. Mentally I need to believe in myself more and give myself credit for my accomplishments. My Inner Dialogue needs to become more positive and encouraging. This will let my Strength blossom and grow to shine bright should darker days be up ahead.

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