Pauze for Pets

Seeing as it is World Animal Day, I wanted to have a quick check in with Scout! So I put together a few things I want to know about him in a small Spread ☺️ feel free to adapt it as you like!

Here are the Results!

The Feels: The Hermit ~ well, from the look of this picture Scout is feeling pretty comfy-cozy in our little home! He gets the prime spot on the sofa or any other warm soft surface he chooses. He would maybe like a bit more peace as Maya doesn’t always get when it is play time and when to leave him be. But though he likes his own space, he does NOT like to be alone!

The Fuss: The Wheel ~ I know Scout enjoys different smells, he is an indoor cat but he loves sitting at the window with the rollerblinds cracked open sniffing the air drifting past. I think he would enjoy more of the outside being brought in, so he can enjoy the seasonal changes up close and personal ~ I just need to make sure not to bring in any bits of nature that may be bad for cats. As his daily routine is quite repetitive, I think the Wheel shows me he wants to shake things up a bit! Provide some more challenging games, use toys he has to get his food out to make feeding times more fun, and just give him some new experiences in general.

The Fun: 3 of Wands ~ the 2 things I notice first in this image are the poles and the water ~ Scout does enjoy a good scratch post, but seeing as he is a big, heavy cat, the little ones dotted around the house are not really suitable for him anymore and could do with being replaced. The big scratch post can maybe be moved a little further away from Maya’s play area as she keeps incorporating it in to her blanket forts so Scout can’t use it!!! As far as the water goes, YES SCOUT, I KNOW!!! You LOVE being washed!!! I promise I’ll do it tonight ☺️ I am not kidding, he will go crazy every time you move towards the bathroom just in case you are going to run a tap. He used to come sit next to me in the shower when we had a walk-in, now he likes for me to drizzle water from the bath all over him till he is good and wet, then rub him with a wet cloth, then rub him with a towel. You should hear the purrs!!!

#tarotforpets #blackcats #lucidtarot #worldanimalday

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