Who am I?

Hello there!

You look amazing today! Is that a new haircut? I am so glad to see you, it’s only fair that I should tell you a little about myself:

My name is Tania and I currently live in Belgium with my darling daughter Maya and my black beauty Scout. My heart still lives in Scotland though, where I lived for nearly 18 years before moving back here.

So, what do you need to know about me? Just a single mum trying to take life one day at a time; I am a spoonie (CFS/ME; fibromyalgia) so that complicates things…

I have been playing around with Divination-tools for over 2 decades – Tarot, Oracle, Runes, Pendulum, Spellboard,… you name it, I have dabbled! But I identify as a Tarot-mum (meaning a mum who reads tarot but also I want to take care of all your tarot-needs) – hence the “Tarotmum13” name-tag! The “13” does NOT mean there are 12 others out there, that’s just my lucky number!

My crystal collection is also not to be sniffed at – I love crystals in all shapes and sizes and use them for Healing, meditation, focus or just to enhance my Tarot-spreads.

Other than that I am an avid reader, seriously, I get withdrawl symptoms if I don’t read for more than a day or two and you will find me in the pantry – reading the labels on jam-jars and peanut butter!

My favourite book is Salt on our Skin by Benoîte Groult or Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, depending on which way the wind blows.

Musically I worship at the altars of the Divine Tom Waits and the Delightfully Devilish Nick Cave.

I love Tarot, art, boks, nature, crystals, Magick, Divination, books, food, music, film, animals, books, Trollbeads, family, candles, incense and you! (In no particular order) – hope to speak to you soon, have a lovely day! Xxx


P.S: Ask me anything, I will do my best to answer!


      1. Has to be better than last year. My tarot card pick in January was the four of wands. Last January I didn’t pick a card; didn’t even think of it. The intuition protecting the mind. I was widowed last year, very unexpectedly. But with the most awful comes blessings too. I am in complete remission from SLE Lupus/RA. I saw the part of your post on your autoimmune conditions. Don’t give up hope. I send you blessings of white light. –Deborah

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        1. Aww so sorry to hear you had such a rough time! You are right, the 4 of Wands should herald much improvement! My energy has been low since Summer, it was the reason for starting my blog, so I could still feel productive. Thank you, your positive vibes are very much appreciated! 🙏🏼

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